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Subject: FLASH: Re: OT - Video compression..
From: Tobie Kerridge
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 19:10:54 +0100

Hi Ben,

I'm not to sure about free software but I'ld really recommend upgrading
quicktime to QT Pro, for $30 you get alot. It includes codecs for internet
playback, lets you encode audio from CD, you can build layers with flash
upon video, cut paste and combine sound with video, apply filters and
effects to layers, optimise the bitrate for your playback needs, etc etc.

I think flash currently supports QT 3, but I'm sure the two products will be
very nicely integrated in the coming months. LiveStage pro is a product
which builds QT movies controlled with interactive flash navigation.

Being speculative, with flash market strength, its open source player which
looks like being implemented across a range of devices, QT's feature set,
potential and its integration within the video industry and this impending
switch to broad-band, I'm sure the combination is going to rock.

check out the details at http://www.apple.com/quicktime


Tobie Kerridge

a: 116 Baker Street, London, W1M 1LB
w: http://www.mook.co.uk
e: tobieatmook [dot] co [dot] uk
t: 020 7959 1530

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> OT - Video compression..

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