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Subject: RE: FLASH: BP: sort of ot - IE **BEN**
From: Williams, Marcus
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 14:17:14 +0100

The debate of the buggy browser continues.......
You said that Windows installed IE4 at install. That means your running
Win98 ;)
The bundled version of IE4 (Win98 install) is full of bugs. The fix for it
is IE 4 Service Pack 2...(if ya wanna call it a fix)

IE5 is buggy as well, but IE5.01 is more stable. Considering your resources,
I would most certainly avoid loading Active Desktop during the install.

IE5.01 has benefits and pit falls. IE5.01 will not go away !!! If you
install it and don't like it you can "back it down to the previous version
of IE"..... Nice try. The GUI and interface will revert back to the previous
version..but the guts of IE5.01 will remain. It never really goes away.
Good luck mate,

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From: Ben Park [mail-inatsiteria [dot] net (mailto:mail-inatsiteria [dot] net)]
Subject: FLASH: BP: sort of ot - IE
Hey everyone..
Can anyone tell me why IE crashed all the time....
I wouldn't mind, but it takes Outlook Express with it (and everyone knows my
net problems at the mo), leaving me to download all my emails (same ones I
just downloaded) again...
It's version 4.0, which I didn't really want, but as windows installed it
itself - I had no choice:(
I only have one IE window open.
My system is kinda low-spec - P166mmx, 32mb, 453mb left on C (drive used
for virtual memory) but it didn't do this before....
It's only started since I re-formatted my hard drive (believe me it needed
doing - I had 12mb of hard drive left for virtual memory!) and re-installed
everything. Everything else works much better, but IE is just screwed up.
I only had version 4.01 of IE before, and that never seemed to give me half
these problems.

I know version 5 has been out for a while now - someone tell me - does it
use more memory?
I heard somewhere that IE5 was really buggy - anyone?

Can it be worse that what I have already? I doubt it...
It would have to crash more than Win98 to be worse than this :(

Maybe I should send my phone bill to MS - I bet Gates has some spare change
for the 115 I've run up checking my email at peak rate, and having to
restart over and over, because of crashes :(


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