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Subject: RE: FLASH: Email from Flash...still, no go !
From: Williams, Marcus
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 15:54:52 +0100

To me it seems simple enough....
I even looked at your FLA. and used your subject statement exactly as a
test, yet it still will not fill in the subject line from my SWF. Yours does
in it's original state.
Is this tooooo weird, or what ?

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From: Jason Bouwmeester [jasonatintervisual [dot] com (mailto:jasonatintervisual [dot] com)]
Subject: RE: FLASH: Email from Flash

It should... if you look on
http://www.bloodykisses.com/flash/datetime/datetest.html - click on my
e-mail at the bottom and it should come up with the Subject filled in. Maybe
one thing is that I use for example:
khaymanathome [dot] com (subject: This%20is%20the%20subject) (mailto:khaymanathome [dot] com?subject=This%20is%20the%20subject)
Seems to work fine...

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From: Williams, Marcus [Marcus_Williamsattvratings [dot] com (mailto:Marcus_Williamsattvratings [dot] com)]
Subject: FLASH: Email from Flash
A quick question for ya....
An HTML tag for email with a per-filled in Subject line looks like:
<a href="marcusategad [dot] net (subject: xxxxxxxxx) (mailto:marcusategad [dot] net?subject=xxxxxxxxx)">Email Me</a>
So why doesn't the Subject get filled in when I use this in a GetURL Flash
button ?
MarcusatEgad [dot] net (subject: xxxxxxxxxxxx) (mailto:MarcusatEgad [dot] net?subject=xxxxxxxxxxxx)

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