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Subject: Re: FLASH: some MORE WISHES
From: Bryan Rieger
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 16:08:57 +0100

How about the ability to just type your code?
Even better yet - let me use BBEdit (Mac) or HomeSite (PC) to edit my code
and place it (link it?) within the action?

How about behaviors? Let me create generic 'bounce'scripts that can be
applied to an object...or maybe a standard collision behavior? It would make
sharing code so much easier than having to select everything from the menus

The one other thing I'd love to see is some form of project structure, where
I can see all components of a scene and find out what behaviors/scripts are
attatched. Whenever I have to use somebody else's Flash file I find I always
have to spend a a great deal of time trying to figure out how they organize
their files as not everybody has adopted a standard structure to their

BTW - nothing a complex as Director behaviors - more in the lines of
LiveStage Pro. Something that can be easily applied with a couple of
parameters custom to that object. As for breaking down project structure I
haven't seen anything beat the old mTropolis heirarchy/structure view...

One last thing - how about being able to retrieve a list of all variables
used within the project/movie clips?

Flash has come along way since version 2 when it was a vector animation
package with limited interactivity (buttons - go to url), and is definately
a more robust authoring tool today - it would be nice if it started to look
and act like one.

My 2 cents...



on 4/28/00 11:33 AM, Glen Rhodes at grhodesatdceg [dot] com wrote:

> Oh please Flash team, make a friendlier coding/scripting environment.
> 1) The ability to search for a term in the code - an automatic find tool.
> 2) A bigger code window that I can see all my script in.
> 3) The ability to print my code.

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  FLASH: some WISHES, Glen Rhodes

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