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Subject: RE: FLASH: Salaries
From: Jeremy Pinkham
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 19:34:30 +0100

Angeline, I would not take this document seriously, as it is created by an
employment agency which pays their contractors something like half what they
charge their clients per hour for the work done by these contractors. It
would be in their best interest to keep your expectations low, wouldn't you
think? That way, you'll be happy with half of what you could be making
without their taking half of your salary for the service of setting you up
with assignments.

I'm not saying you shouldn't work for them (I have in the past -- Aquent is
MacTemps renamed). Just saying you should keep your eyes open and not take
their salary guide as some sort of benevolent public information service.
It's designed to keep you happy with an income which is cut in half by their
cut of the take.

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Regarding this topic, I found a great resource in aquent.com... It's a web
skill and price guide. It has descriptions of what skills the web developer
has and the average income as well.

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