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Subject: Re: FLASH: SECOND TRY!!! (session tracking)
From: Jason_Schubring
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 20:17:58 +0100


>>I didn't get any responses to this a couple of days ago so I'm trying again:

May want to re-check your mail... I remember seeing at least one response.

>>So I don't have to keep track of variables on a per client basis with a
>>identifier in PHP, for example. Flash will do it for me? What if the client
>>fills a shopping cart, setting a few variables, and then takes a break
>>returning only later to checkout. How long will the cart exist? Do Flash
>>timeout after some interval, or only when the browser is closed?

In the simplest terms I can think of, basically variables are created as the
movie runs and are stored within the movie, as opposed to a database or
something like you may be used to. Once the browser is closed, the variables
are gone because that session is gone. If you have a movie and set the value of
the variable "name" to "Ted" name will be Ted forever, UNTIL you close your
browser or leave the Flash movie. That means your customer can load up a cart,
go take a nap, and come back and the variables will still be there **as long as
they left the browser open and did not leave the movie**

Hope this helps. There are tricky ways around this with cookies and scripts and
databases and such, but I think I answered the question.

Good luck.


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