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Subject: Re: FLASH: Re: flasher-digest V1 #2934
From: Michael@BTW
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 21:08:48 +0100

Its not 'fixed' but it does work, to a limited degree. You can load a movie
into a new level on a loaded movie just fine, for instance:
both the 'location' and the 'instructions' button load movies into level 3.

However, loading a movie when the main (level0) movie has not completely
loaded as well as loading multiple movies into a movie may cause MSIE 4.5 to

So you _can_ use load movie with 4.5, but not as you can use it with NS or

> Jefferis wrote:

>> No load movie is not fixed.
> According to Colin Moock it *is* fixed
> (http://www.moock.org/webdesign/flash/macie/), but maybe that's for a
> limited set of circumstances, since he reported that it worked ok in
> ie4.5 for him also.
> Helen
Michael Penney
Sharpener of the Cutting Edge

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  Re: FLASH: Re: flasher-digest V1 #2934, Helen Triolo

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