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Subject: FLASH: Not WebSafe colour in Flash on Windows ???
From: Mats Persson
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 21:09:16 +0100

London, Friday, April 28, 2000, at 10:14 am

Can someone with Flash 4 on Windows please help me ??!!

I've designed a web site using #999999 (mid grey) (2nd from white on Flash
colour chart) as the background colour.

The HTML page is set to the same colour, and this works perfectly fine on a
Mac (both IE & NS) but for some reason does not look good on a PC (both IE &
NS) where there is *noticeable* difference between the HTML side and the
Flash side.

Can someone please explain WHY ???!!!

My client is not happy with this, as "...it looks cheap", and I can't work
it out.

Is it possible for someone to create a simple dummy movie (just some text in
a single frame type thing) with #999999 as the background colour on Flash 4
Windows and post it to me ?????????

I just want to check if this problem can be removed by building the thing on
a Win PC.

Many thanks to anyone helping me.


matsatimediatec [dot] co [dot] uk

PS. Hoping to afford a Win PC soon. (Yes, I'll be a part-time convert to
the Dark Empire, now that Billy boy is getting his balls kicked!! GO DOJ, GO

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