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Subject: Re: FLASH: awesome praystation text effect - any clues?
From: Michael Dunn
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 21:24:49 +0100

Apparently very badly. I set it up where the mc "drag" gets the x,y coords.
This is set as "b" the item's location is set as "a1" by comparing these two
with a lot of variables, I got all the values I needed to tell how big to
make it and how to set the transparency. This is a very hack way of doing
things, and wouldn't work with an array (it ran TOO slow). The way it is now
I have to hard code for each instance (changing a1 to a2 to a3 etc so the
code is eleven times long as what you see below.

I have to admit though, I was a little sad to see this picked up by others
so quickly. I was disillusioned into thinking it was unique to my site (I
set it up at the beginning of March). Oh, well. Only goes to show that
there's nothing new under the sun. (Yes, I know this effect has been done
before, but at least I thought it was unique to the Flash world). How long
before this becomes as overused as the sliding menu?

Anyway, I'm interested in fixing my lame code below to be much tighter and
effective than it currently is. The one at Praystation looks to be pretty

Set Variable: "x" = GetProperty ( "_level3/drag", _x )
If (x > 270 and x < 385)
Set Variable: "a1" = GetProperty ("/item1", _y )
Set Variable: "b" = GetProperty ( "_level3/drag", _y )
Set Variable: "c1" = int(a1-b)
If (c1<1)
Set Variable: "c1" = c1*-1
End If
If (c1>150)
Set Variable: "c1" = 150
End If
Set Variable: "d1" = 150-c1
If (d1<1)
Set Variable: "d1" = 1
End If
Set Variable: "e1" = d1*(d1/80)
If (e1<100)
Set Variable: "e1" = 100
End If
Set Property ("/item1", Y Scale) = e1
Set Property ("/item1", X Scale) = e1
If (c1<8)
Set Variable: "f1" = 100
Set Variable: "f1" = 80-int(c1*.5)
End If
If (f1<50)
Set Variable: "f1" = 50
End If
Set Property ("/item1", Alpha) = f1

Set Property ("/item1", Y Scale) = 100
Set Property ("/item1", X Scale) = 100
Set Property ("/item1", Alpha) = 50
End If

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  RE: FLASH: awesome praystation text effe, Matt Perkins

  RE: FLASH: awesome praystation text effe, Matt Perkins

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