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Subject: FLASH: PCville
From: Brian
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 22:38:34 +0100

> PS. Hoping to afford a Win PC soon. (Yes, I'll be a part-time convert to
> the Dark Empire, now that Billy boy is getting his balls kicked!! GO DOJ,
> !!

Trust me, Mats... I was one of the definitive Mac golden boys for a long
time. I cut my computer teeth on them - I've used them for 13 years - I just
adore the way they do things...

...except not being able to use software that doesn't exist for them.

I finally got tired of this.

Yes, I thought (and still sort of think) Bill is the evil Emperor, but a
whole bunch of software makers don't think so, and I took the plunge
recently - and I'm not at all unhappy. PC's take some getting used to after
being a Mac-head for so long, but I'll tell ya - I can walk into ANY
computer store or shop for ANY software and not have to worry about whether
or not they have a Mac version. And Windows, with its little quirks, makes
them act a lot like Macs. I am almost a full-time convert now, but I still
have that trusty-yet-slow ol' Mac Performa that still has a lot of my life
on it.

-Brian Matthews

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