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Subject: Re: FLASH: Salaries
From: Laura Mollett
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 00:47:25 +0100

> This is kinda cool. I have practically no skills (Mainly Photoshop and
> Flash) and lite skills in dreamweaver, etc. Very basic stuff and I should be
> making 40-50k. Not bad.
> Now if only they had one for print design. THat'd be nice (since that's what
> I get paid to do). I'd LOVE to see that one. Any ideas?

Having similar backgrounds and the same kinds of skills, I thought they had
me way too high. I decided I exaggerated my skills some and took 'em down a
little (how much is 'none' and how much 'lite'? :) and got a more reasonable
response (I am sure the more you things you check, even as lite, the higher
they rate you). But I still thought it was kinda high... but then I saw

> Web Graphic Designer (US-AZ-Tucson)
> Salary: $86,000 - $90,000
> Job Code: 000323-01-0419
> Sr. Web Designer: help drive the use of Web technologies to meet
> business objectives; Exp using the Web to generate leads, building web
> community & developing e-commerce sites; Looking for cutting-edge
> design ability, strong sense of usability. Primary skills: Photoshop,
> Frontpage, JavaScript. Secondary skills: Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver,
> Acrobat. Wants to see URLs w/ resume. Competitive benefits package **PERM OR
> CONTRACT-TO-HIRE** Primary skills: Photoshop, Frontpage,
> JavaScript. Secondary skills: Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Acrobat. Include
> your URL`s on your resume - please email resume
> Maureen Gitner
> Kinetik I.T.
> 2345 East Thomas Road
> Phoenix, AZ 85016
> Phone: 602-957-0058
> Email: hratkinetik-it [dot] com

(from www.jobvertise.com which seems to be a pretty cool job search thing)
and was appropriately pleased and shocked, if it's for real. They're paying
very highly for primarily design skills in Arizona, I guess. So it's not
*all* about coding skills. I posted all of it here, in case someone wants to
send them a query letter - note that it was posted 04/19/00 so it might
already be filled. I don't want to move to Arizona, but then I'm awfully
tempted for that salary requiring that skill set :)

On the other end of the spectrum, I sent a query letter for what looked like
a perfectly reasonable freelance flash design job and got a "we're
interested if you can work for free. we're low on budget" response. <sigh>
now look, why advertise it without telling people it's not paid, and 'sides
I bet we're *all* low on budget. But it's certainly not all high paying good
stuff (and they did want at least actionscript.)

On yet another note, the flash detection script on that site (cybercoders)
breaks on unix machines and I sent 'em a 'heads up' message about it and got
an "our unix audience is so small we don't care and besides the flash is
window dressing - we have bigger fish to fry" response. I was unimpressed...


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