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Subject: Re: FLASH: Salaries
From: Michael Dunn
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 01:07:16 +0100

on 04.28.00 5.04p, Laura Mollett wrote:
> On yet another note, the flash detection script on that site (cybercoders)
> breaks on unix machines and I sent 'em a 'heads up' message about it and got
> an "our unix audience is so small we don't care and besides the flash is
> window dressing - we have bigger fish to fry" response. I was unimpressed...

That's why, even though the cash isn't $100k and all that, I'm staying where
I am (for now). Lotsa surf time, lotsa fun, good folks, good atmosphere,
40hrs or less, very understanding for time of... that's more important than
cash and benefits. (Of course, just got a huge bonus in my pay bucket so I'm
inclined to be happier at the moment). Point is, you can't really advertise
that stuff, at least not to where it's believeable. Go with yer gut and have
fun. Leave the stress to politicians, lawyers and reporters. Let them deal
with it.

Michael "Chillin' on a Friday" Dunn

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