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Subject: Re: FLASH: Salaries - MBA thoughts?
From: Michael Dunn
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 02:14:55 +0100

on 04.28.00 6.01p, Olympic Health Management Systems wrote:

> I'd love some opinions. A year ago I was accepted at a great university for
> their MBA program. Being a webmaster for a very large company and having
> flash skills and a host of other things in my toolbox, I was obviously
> hesitant to take myself out of the industry (somewhat) and emerse myself
> 100% into graduate studies. Well, a year has gone by and needless to say I
> am literally working 19 hour days trying to get through grad school, keep up
> with my webmaster job, as well as maintaining some level of current tech
> skills. Am I crazy? My love is design and tech - but I also am intrigued by
> profit maximization :) Do any of you have thoughts on what the future may
> hold for someone with both design and tech skills as well as MBA skills?
> Often, during my 19 hour days, I begin to think I am off on a tangent. My
> hope is that our economy and unemployment will continue as they have - and
> that more companies will look for web-savy people with business skills.
> thoughts? -Thomas

Laura wrote in this same thread that she doesn't regret her education and I
posted that I regret not getting a formal one. I'd say, stick with it, cause
in five years, if you don't, you're not gonna have the time, money or energy
to do it. Do it. It's not like an employer is going to say, "MBA?! You don't
need that, you're not hired!" More likely, it will stick in their heads that
you're someone who didn't go the easy route.

Besides, think how easy life will seem when you're only working 10 hours a
day. =) Good luck!

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