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Subject: Re: FLASH: Salaries - MBA thoughts?
From: Sonja ***
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 04:04:06 +0100

I hardly ever get a minute to respond to any of the interesting topics, but
this one that I could not ignore.

I, like you am attending graduate school (9 credits a semester, which I was
advised against) and working 50+ hours in the multimedia field. I will be
done with a MS in Multimedia Technology in July, prior to grad school I had
absolultely no experience in the field.

What I have I heard from many people who have been in the industry, but who
have no formal education, is that those of us with master's degrees, despite
our abilities ( or lack there of) are hired to "boss" those without degrees.

I have also learned that employers get bombarded with resumes and inquiries
from people with exceptional talent that they are now weeding out the
candidates based on their "education". It turns out that I enrolled in a
multimedia graduate program when there were only 2 schools offering such. I
have to be honest in saying that one of the primary reasons that I was able
to land a job in the field, getting the salary that I wanted, was less about
my "experience" and perhaps even "talent", but more about the fact that I am
about to receive a piece of paper.

Ok, nuff gibberish :-) Stick with your studies...all of the talent in the
world will not help you should employers decide that they are only
interested in interviewing people with degrees.

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