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Subject: RE: FLASH: Re: LiveMotion
From: Chris Jester
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 11:47:24 +0100

I downloaded this beta and to be honest it's very difficult to navigate my
way around. I expected it to be similar to flash and found it quite
different and difficult to manipulate anything with.

Chris Jester
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Subject: FLASH: Re: LiveMotion

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> Subject: FLASH: LiveMotion
> (This should get some undie's in a bunch)
> Have any of you loaded the Beta for LiveMotion yet ?
> It is a spiting image of ImageStyler/ImageReady. I was expecting a GoLive
> look to it.

Actually, it has all of ImageStyler in it and, in keeping with out goal of a
consistent interface, it looks a great deal like several other Adobe apps.

GoLive is its own critter. Completely different palette engine so it has its
own "smell". (Version 5.0 of GoLive will have the patented Adobe palettes.)

> I wonder if the 'new' textures and styles are able to be cut-n-paste into
> ImageStyler....

Good question. You can take ImageStyler styles, shapes, and textures and
place them in LiveMotion but going the other direction might be tricky.
Since you can save animations and rollover effects as a style, the styles
probably won't migrate backwards very well.

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