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Subject: FLASH: Variable problems
From: Paul Steven
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 16:19:24 +0100

Hi all

I am having problems updating variables!

Basically I have a game that displays the top ten high scores at the
beginning of the game - it reads these from a text file on a server

i.e Load Variables "http://www.clubinlondon.co.uk/cgi/fscores.txt"

This works fine and loads the correct variables in at the start of the game.

After playing the user submits their score and if it is high enough it
becomes one of the top ten scores - i use a simple perl script to write the
new set of ten scores to the text file on the server. This also works fine.

After submitting your score you are returned to the highscore table - the
problem is here - even though it is now supposed to be reading in the high
scores (updated) again it still just displays the original top ten scores
that appeared before playing the game and hasn't been updated with the new
score. It is almost as if it has cached the variable values.

If I close down the browser and open up the game again - the new set of high
scores appears.

If any of this makes sense and anyone can help - it would be much


Paul Steven


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