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Subject: FLASH: I need suggestions (Tips) for use of levels
From: Jos van der Vleuten
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 21:57:33 +0100

Hello list,

Last week i started with the interface for our website
Now i'm experimenting with the use of levels (i'm new in flash ).
At the moment i have a first movie (level 0) that loads the music and after
that it opens another
(an empty movie) in level 1 and the interface movie in level 2.
When the interfacemovie is playing it opens a "topics" movie in level 1.
The meaning of all this is that when someone clicks on a button in the
interface movie (level 2)
the interface movie is unloading and the topics movie in level 1 will

Sound this as a good solution to you or is there a better way to do this?
Do i need the empty movie in level 1, or can i work with levels like first
movie in level 0, no movie in
level 1 and second movie in level 2.


Jos van der Vleuten
designatinsight-multimedia [dot] nl

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  Re: FLASH: I need suggestions (Tips) for, John Croteau

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