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Subject: RE: FLASH: Wav Problems
From: Philip Rink Jr
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 22:57:19 +0100

At 4:22 PM 8/27/98, Chris Jester (CTS Technical) wrote:
>so its
>> probably a problem with their wavs in particular (although MoviePlayer
>> has no problem recognizing and playing even these as wavs), but I was
>> wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if so, how did they
>> get around it?

If you're playing them in MoviePlayer, you can investigate the difference
between the good ones and the bad ones. Open a "good" wav, and Get Info,
and in the left pop-up go to "Sound TracK" Then examine all the parameters,
especially format, in the right pop-up. Do the same for a "bad" wav and
note the difference.
I said "especially format" because it is my understanding that some
Mac programs don't like wavs (or any sound for that matter) that are done
with certain sample rates or types of compression. I.E. you can use 22.05
or 11.025, but there are other very similar sample rates, which are really
non-standard, that the program will not accept. The same for compression:
some types of compression cause a problem, not in playing it, but in
importing into some programs. I'm not sure about Flash. You'd think that
since Flash is a cross-platform product that it would work better this way,
but it seems not.


Philip Rink Jr.
Internet Design & Consulting
prinkatbcpl [dot] net

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