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Subject: Re: FLASH: I need suggestions (Tips) for use of levels
From: John Croteau
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 23:34:08 +0100

Hi Jos,

> Last week i started with the interface for our website
> http://www.insight-multimedia.nl
> Now i'm experimenting with the use of levels (i'm new in flash ).
> At the moment i have a first movie (level 0) that loads the music and after that
> it opens another (an empty movie) in level 1 and the interface movie in level 2.
> When the interfacemovie is playing it opens a "topics" movie in level 1.
> The meaning of all this is that when someone clicks on a button in the
> interface movie (level 2)
> the interface movie is unloading and the topics movie in level 1 will appear.
> Sound this as a good solution to you or is there a better way to do this?
> Do i need the empty movie in level 1, or can i work with levels like first
> movie in level 0, no movie in level 1 and second movie in level 2.

The first question is whether you should a Movie Clip or Load Movie.
Movie Clips and Load Movies can perform identical tasks.
Always use Movie Clips unless Load Movie is better. Movie Clips are much
easier to implement and cause no loading headaches. Load Movies are
separate and independent .swf Movies that download independent of the
main movie. This can cause problems because it isn't easy to determine
if a required point in a Movie loaded with Load Movie is available when
called by Tell Targets.

Use Load Movie if the 'Movie segment' is used across more than 1 Scene.
Use Load Movie if options are large and not in a predictable sequence.

There is no value in opening empty Movies.
Use the Park method to preload Load Movies especially if they don't
stream well.
in the Park Method you load a Load Movie that has a Stop Action in the
first frame (Park) and the action in that Movie doesn't start until a
Tell Target is sent to it.

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  FLASH: I need suggestions (Tips) for use, Jos van der Vleuten

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