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Subject: FLASH: Flash swf doesnt match size of pop-up window.
From: David Gary
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 23:46:22 +0100

Hiya Flashers,

Ive created a swf movie W=300px, H=500px
Ive used a hidden frame routine to call up a pop up window. I set the
window's attributes to W=300, H=500.
However when I call the pop-up window, the swf is larger and the window
cuts off the edges in NS4. In IE3 it adds scroll bars(unexpected) but the
is still smaller than the .swf!
What gives?! Why would the window with the same attributes as the swf be a

Ive used AfterShock and embedded as "exact fit", "no borders", Exact "pixel"
size, "percentage of browser window", everything. It has no effect.

Comon you JS and HTML monkeys, What gives,



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