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Subject: Re: FLASH: OT: online abbreviations (was: sorry)
From: John Dowdell
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 23:48:42 +0100

At 3:03 PM 8/27/98, Dimmy wrote:
> I know this is unrelated to Flash, but I have seen many people on this
>list use the words "TIA" to sign off their e-mail. What does it mean?

"Thanks in advance". Others:

tx: thanks
afaik: as far as I know
btw: by the way
fwiw: for what it's worth
otoh: on the other hand
roflmao: rolling on the floor laughing my, ah, ankle off
<g>: grin
<eg>: evil grin
hth: hope this helps
imnsho: in my not so humble opinion (rare these days ;)

Much, much more information, on a wider range of similar background info,
is available by going to Yahoo, searching on "netiquette", and hitting
their guide center on the subject... lots of great stuff there.


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