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Subject: Re: FLASH: Lobby level? Flash3
From: John Croteau
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 00:25:41 +0100

Hi David,

> I think I know what the problem is. Even thought the level1 movie didnt have
> any graphics or sounds in the first few frames I think the reason
> the "skip "intro button wasnt working when called upon to
> load movie(level1), "park" the movie in level0_AND_ goto and play label
> in level1 is because, I believe, Flash doesnt read the higher level movie in
> the same button command because it doesnt have time to load the movie and
> read the label at the same instant.
That's correct you can't Load a Movie and do a Tell Target on it at the
same time even if it's to Frame 1. Actions in the same container are
dome basically at the same time. Flash takes some time to load even an
empty first frame.

> I bypassed this by creating a blank Movie clip and adding a few extra frames
> and sending the action through a keyframe in the end of that short movie clip.
> This now works.
This may work but it isn't fool proof and can cause intermittent
operation since you can't be sure how long the Flash Movie will take to
load, you are just estimating.

Two solutions that are foolproof:
1) Do an If Frame is Loaded Loop in the Movie on the new Level 1.
When the Level 1's Movie is Loaded as per the 'If Frame is Loaded' you
go to a frame that sends a Tell Target to a Movie Clip in the Main Movie
at Level 0. The Movie Clip allows the call of a Tell Target to Play the
Level 2 Movie when needed, only after it received the load signal from
the Level 1 Movie.

2) Put the Park in Frame 2 and a Goto and Play in Frame 1. This way you
can just Load the Movie and it will Play. Then you can Park it by a Tell
Target to Frame 2 and replay by a Tell Target to Frame 3.

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