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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flash for Director (was: SWA)
From: John Dowdell
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 00:59:24 +0100

At 3:42 PM 8/27/98, Marc Hoffman wrote:
> Could you post the command for the Flash button to request that Director
> play a sound? I know it's probably in the Director 6.5 documentation, but
> I have only Flash3 and need to prepare Flash for embedding in Director.

Can do. Because this area may be of interest to others, I've renamed the
thread, and will add background info.

Big thing: If you're making Flash movies for use in Director, then export
as SWF 2.0 format right now. The Flash Asset Xtra was created before Flash
3, and so we've currently got a version difference. People are working on
this right now, but in the meantime, export from Flash 3 as SWF 2.0 for use
in Director.

That said, when you import Flash to Director the two movies can talk back
and forth. It's sort of like FSCommand and the play/zoom/pan controls in
the browser, but you don't have to worry about non-compliant browsers, and
the range of commands is greater.

Flash can talk to the Director host by three different methods in the
GetURL Action: one gives Director a literal string, one gives Director the
name of an event, and the third gives Director a line of Lingo to execute.

I usually have Flash send Director an event message, myself. The URL you'd
type in the button's action would be "event: nameOfEvent". It's like
"FSCommand:" or "javascript:" that way.

Now, what's the name of the event Flash would send Director? That's where
you'd need to agree with your local Lingoslinger... the event can have any
valid message name, just so long as you both agree on the same name. They'd
catch the event in a behavior script or some other appropriate place.

For instance, suppose you decide the piece will have three buttons in Flash
itself, one to pause the Flash, one to start it, and one to rewind it. You
could then give each button an action URL of "event: PlayFlash", or "event:
PauseFlash" and so on, and the scripter could write a behavior such as:

property spriteNum

on PlayFlash me
puppetSound "whirrr"
play sprite (spriteNum)

on PauseFlash me
puppetSound "bing"
stop sprite (spriteNum)

on RewindFlash me
puppetSound "kashook"
rewind sprite (spriteNum)

You could also set it up so that the movie will only play if they answer a
question correctly in a Director part of the screen, or have Flash repeat a
certain section three times before advancing, and so on. There's a lot more
here than can be done in a browser, because Lingo is so much stronger than

Summary: When preparing Flash movies for use in Director, be sure to export
in SWF 2.0 format right now. One way of having a Flash button talk to the
Director movie is by using "event: nameOfEvent" in a GetURL action. The
name of the event would be up to you and the scripter.

Does this bring you where you wish to be...?


John Dowdell, Macromedia Tech Support, San Francisco CA US

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