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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flash for Director (was: SWA)
From: Roy Pardi
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 03:16:05 +0100

At 4:59 PM -0700 8/27/98, John Dowdell wrote:
>At 3:42 PM 8/27/98, Marc Hoffman wrote:
>> Could you post the command for the Flash button to request that Director
>> play a sound? I know it's probably in the Director 6.5 documentation, but
>> I have only Flash3 and need to prepare Flash for embedding in Director.
>Can do. Because this area may be of interest to others, I've renamed the
>thread, and will add background info.

hi john-

unclear where the best place to post a flash asset question is these days
and this thread caught my eye.

Have you used the 'stream' command for Flash asset in MMD? If so, do you
understand what may be going on here:

-setting streammode to #manual
-set URL of member to www path
-then issue stream command for some smal # of k

Result: the whole file downloads but does not load into memory until
subsequent stream commands are issued.

What I find confusing is how this can help me manage download streams +
bandwidth. I know http doesn't support stream control, so I am wondering
what this stream bit is about- how it is functionally different from preload,
since in effect it just preloads the whole file. (is there a memory use
advantage here?)
-Roy Pardi

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  Re: FLASH: Flash for Director (was: SWA, John Dowdell

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