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Subject: Re: FLASH: Lobby level? Flash3
From: David Gary
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 06:48:26 +0100

John Croteau wrote:

> Hi David,
> > I bypassed this by creating a blank Movie clip and adding a few extra frames
> > and sending the action through a keyframe

> This may work but it isn't fool proof and can cause intermittent
> operation since you can't be sure how long the Flash Movie will take to
> load, you are just estimating.

Yup I know, Ive decided on another method.

> Two solutions that are foolproof:
> 1) Do an If Frame is Loaded Loop in the Movie on the new Level 1.
> When the Level 1's Movie is Loaded as per the 'If Frame is Loaded' you
> go to a frame that sends a Tell Target to a Movie Clip in the Main Movie
> at Level 0. The Movie Clip allows the call of a Tell Target to Play the
> Level 2 Movie when needed, only after it received the load signal from
> the Level 1 Movie.

This wont work, because I have the "skip intro" button in scene2
of "intro.swf(level0) and you cannot target a specific scene from another
movie. Second if I could apply this it wouldnt be as simple. I would have to
add a MC to the scene and place a "stop" action in the MC's
timeline so it doesnt "automatically' play in the maintimeline. So therfore I would
have to skip the keyframe containing the MC so it wouldnt trigger the
and then call apon it from the "skip intro" button. Again because my target label
is in the second scene the "main.swf" cannot call upon it.

> 2) Put the Park in Frame 2 and a Goto and Play in Frame 1. This way you
> can just Load the Movie and it will Play. Then you can Park it by a Tell
> Target to Frame 2 and replay by a Tell Target to Frame 3.

This wouldnt work either for what Im trying to do.
The main.swf(level1) should only load when:

A: The viewer presses the "skip intro" button or
B: In the last keyframe of the "intro.swf"

This is so:

A: the viewer can bypass the intro and go directly to the interface or
B: Watch the intro in its entirety and when the intro.swf(level0) has finished
the last keyframe will go ahead and load the "main.swf"(level1) directly after
the "intro.swf(level0) completes its load and parks itself until "intro.swf"
completes its animation sequence. When "intro.swf"(level0) finishes its animation,
the viewer is prompted by a button that will trigger a "play" action in

Im working right now on a "remote.swf" that only contains action keyframes
and loads first on level2.

If I've missed something John, please speak up and thanks again for the


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