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Subject: FLASH: New Flasher
From: Simon_Thorpe
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 10:04:05 +0100

Hello All

Just thought I would drop a line as I join this list and hope some people
don't mind answering my rather simple questions that I know have been
answered on this list many times before, but first a little about myself.

I am an Internet Analyst for Dell computers in Europe, I look after
www.euro.dell.com with a team of about 25, split into developers, designers,
and business management guys, (The boring ones =@} )

I used to work for Eidos Interactive on Championship Manager 2. I have
experience in many packages such as Director 6, Photoshop, CorelXara , Alias
7.5 blah blah blah.

So after spending about a week infront of Flash on and off I have a few
questions. I find the manual useful, but not as deep as I would like.

1. I am not quite clear as to how I embed looping animations of buttons, and
then get control of them. For example, I have a button that loops a colour
change, it's a erm.. damn i forgot the word now, a symbol, thats it, it's a
film movie symbol, now I want to have this button play the loop when the
cursor is over it, and when clicked upon play another loop. This confuses

2. I have searched the web high and low for good resources, tips, tutorials
on flash, anyone got a few real goodies in there bookmarks that you would
like to share ?

Thats it

kind regards

Simon Thorpe
...:::[ InTeRnEt aNaLySt ]:::...
Dell Computers-Europe
+44 (0)1344 748887

WORK:Simon_Thorpeatdell [dot] com
HOME:Simon [dot] Thorpeatdep [dot] globalnet [dot] co [dot] uk

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