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Subject: FLASH: target not found
From: Aaron Cushing
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 14:04:05 +0100

I've been working through John Croteau's tutorial on building a Flash Clock.
When I Test Movie, I get this error in my Output Window:

Target not found: Target="Clock/Seconds" Base="_level0/../Delay"

Could someone please give me a hint as to what this means? I assume it
means that it can't find the taget that I told it to go to (duh), but does
this give any indication as to where the problem is and how I should fix it?
I really have no idea what Base and Level all mean. If someone could quickly
I could sent a .FLA file to anyone who has a few minutes to gimme a
hand...(but not to the whole list ;-)


Aaron Cushing, New Media Engineer
Crescent Studios: "We Deliver"

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  Re: FLASH: target not found, John Croteau

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