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Subject: RE: FLASH: keyboard interaction with Flash
From: Jose Savio Ponte
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 15:12:21 +0100

Hi, John

> Hi Jose,
> > I just saw a site using JavaScript allowing keyboard interaction with
> Flash.
> > What I'd like to know is:
> > is there a simple (and comprehensive) script for people like me who have
> > just the basics on JS. I mean, a way to simply make some keyboard
> actions
> > and apply it in any Flash commands, as instance names or Tell Target
> actions.
> > The URL is http://users.skynet.be/cynapsa/flash/labo01.htm
> What is this supposed to do?
Supposed to you move the pieces inside Flash using your numeric keys from
your keyword. I've tested only with ie4 (I'll try NN3 and NC4 later). Maybe
it is something only for this browser, I don't know. There is VBScript in
the code, but it is inside the JavaScript. It makes me think this could work
in both Netscape and Explorer.

> I've checked it with
> Netscape 4
> Netcsape 3
> IE 3
> and couldn't get it to do anything.
> I'll try IE 4 later.
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