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Subject: Re: FLASH: Lobby level? Flash3
From: David Gary
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 16:46:34 +0100

John Croteau wrote:

> Hi David,
> > you cannot target a specific scene from another movie.
> Of course you can but you should call using Label Names and not Scenes.

You can target a "label", but _not_ a _scene_. Flash doesnt give you that
option.It doesnt matter anyway. If I target a frame in "intro.swf"(level0)
from a "tell target" in a "loaded" frame in "main.swf"(level1) it still
doesnt help me achieve what Im trying
to do.

Im trying to tell main.swf(level1) to go ahead and start loading while the
is still watching the intro to get a "head start" on the, rather large
since the intro finishes loading while the movie is still playing.
To do this I have to park the level1 movie in a blank keyframe.

Also I have to add a action keyframe that loads the "main.swf"(level1) early.

If I add a "if frame loaded" command to the first frame in "main.swf(level1)
then I can not "park" it while the "intro.swf(level0) completes its animation
without the "loaded"
frame still triggering the "label" in the "intro.swf"(level0) and starts
playing the "main.swf(level1) when its not wanted. Whether it be a "label" on
the main timeline or a "label" in a MC on the maintimeline in
"intro.swf"(level0) . It doesnt matter, you can only call once from the "if
frame loaded" routine when loading the level1 movie.

>What you can't do is load a Movie and not start playing from its beginning.
>What you can't do is play or target something that isn't loaded. That is

> why we need to use "IF Frame is Loaded" for calls to other Movies or
> forward points in a Movie whenever it is POSSIBLE that the point you
> are calling is not loaded yet.

I fully understand the above. Thats not the problem.

The question is simple, The answer is complicated:
1: I need a "skip into" button that loads and plays the level1 movie.
2: If the "skip intro" button is not activated, then I need the level1
movie to start loading itself after the level0 movie has completed its
download an
then park itself until the animation completes its run in the level0 movie.
Of course all this unbeknownst to the viewer who is still watching the
in level0.

Heres my "catch22" :
I found using the methods you've described above will work, but only one
or the other, not for both. If I use a "if frame loaded" routine, then the
button will work, but it still triggers the level1 movie when I ask it to
load early and I can't park it.

If I "park" the movie in level1 then the button wont trigger it to play.

Im sure theres a way, but Ive tried your methods and it doesnt work for both.


Im hanging around the chat if you'd like to talk direct.


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