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Subject: Re: FLASH: Bandwidth & Binaries
From: Joe Crawford
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 19:58:40 +0100

Len Harrison wrote:

> Speaking of bandwidth, here's a fair amount of it. But I think it's
> relevent. What do others think? Should attached Flash movies be considered
> on topic here? This inquiring mind wants to know.

For me, who gets hundreds of emails a day, the added strain on my inbox could
be daunting. If I were not on a cable modem, but rather on my 33.6 modem, I
think I would get sick of having to deal with the "why does my bitmap look so
crappy? in my flash" questions - with the swf at no compression - some nasty
200k file. Multiply that by 5 a day ( a reasonable estimate ) and that's a meg
of mail to deal with.

Again, pain in the ass for our standard modem users (even 56k'ers would balk
at that extra meg of mail).

For those reading the digest version, best case is that each digest will have
a couple flash movies running simultaneously - which, could bog down the
machine trying to render them all. Ugh. Worst case is that the mail software
is unable to deal with the encodings necessary to attach and they get garbled,
worthless garbage. Again, ugh.

Now, the idea is not without merit. Your points about flash being visual and
needing people to *see* the issues at hand - what's wrong with posting urls?

Anyone delving into flash is going to need webspace eventually, and can find
it, free, from geocities or their isp or wherever. So - post urls!

Hey - while I'm on a roll - why do people snip urls when they comment on a
good flash movie. Nothing more frustrating than a thread where people rave
about the flash and nobody quotes the url with their comments.

Alright - I'll shut up now : )


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  FLASH: Bandwidth & Binaries, Len Harrison

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