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Subject: FLASH: level madness
From: Michael Tuminello
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 20:20:44 +0100

Hello all-

I am working on a movie that is running 4 levels at once, and am running
into some difficulties with getting the 4th level to pass messages to the
3rd level. Basically, the 3rd level opens a movie on the 4th level, which
plays, then passes a message to advance the 3rd movie 1 frame. However,
it's not coming through, or if it is, is is bringing the 3rd level movie
back to the 1st scene when it passes the message. This is th 1st time I
have a) used so many levels, and b) attempted to pass a message to a level
with more than one scene.

Anyone know anything about any of these issues? I have tried passing the
message using a tell target of "_level3" and also with ".."

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been here late all week, and
will scream if I am here late today as well, but this problem has me
stumped for the moment.



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  Re: FLASH: level madness, Marc Hoffman

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