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Subject: FLASH: Re: Bandwidth & Binaries
From: Aaron Cushing
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 20:34:01 +0100

How about if you just emailed the Flash file to the person with the inquiry?
That would serve everyone well, I think. Anyone else who wanted your insight
could email you off-list and ask for it too. Just gotta remeber to change to
<To:> field in your emailer.
(I myself am on a continuous connection, but I wouldn't want piles of
attachments coming down. Every time my machine checks for mail, I lose
processing power.)


Aaron Cushing, New Media Engineer
Crescent Studios: "We Deliver"

>From: lenhatabtcorp [dot] com (Len Harrison)

>But it turns into a bit of pain to ftp a flash file and
>update an html page to point to it for the sake of answering an
email. It's
>a lot easier to drag the file from Explorer to Outlook and hit
send. So it's
>also much more likely I'd do it if I had something useful on hand.
Plus I'm
>disinclined to open things up to random strangers. Somehow a list
such as
>this is different.
>Speaking of bandwidth, here's a fair amount of it. But I think
>relevent. What do others think? Should attached Flash movies be
>on topic here? This inquiring mind wants to know.
>len harrison

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