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Subject: RE: FLASH: keyboard interaction with Flash
From: Jose Savio Ponte
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 20:34:56 +0100

Thanks, Nigel

I believe in templates in this case, so let me ask a specific case.
Let's say I have a simple tweening with a red ball I want to move to the
right using my "c" key and to the left using my "x" key. If I get a step by
step how this can be implemented, I think it's a matter of creativity to me
for use it in more complex cases (with a minimal JavaScript knowledge). Am I

PS: John C., I've just tested in NC4.5 beta, and worked fine for me. Not
sure about NN3, because I use this browser for tests (no plugin).

Sávio - Web Designer
savioatcompugraf [dot] com [dot] br
ExcelClic - DHTML & Flash

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> Subject: Re: FLASH: keyboard interaction with Flash
> José :
> Vale mesmo a pena estudar JS se quiser fazer algo semelhante ao site que
> refere. As rotinas em causa não podem ser aplicadas como simples
> receitas pois há vários aspectos a ter em conta. Se precisar de ajuda
> diga qualquer coisa.
> Translated ( not literal ):
> It's really worth your time to study JavaScript if you want to do
> something similar to the site you refer to. Event handlers are really
> easy to understand and implement but it's nearly impossible to give a
> template for them as there a too many variables to take into account.
> If you need specific help please ask for it.
> Jose Savio Ponte wrote:
> ....
> > is there a simple (and comprehensive) script for people like me who
> > have just the basics on JS. I mean, a way to simply make some
> > keyboard actions and apply it in any Flash commands, as instance
> > names or Tell Target actions.
> .....

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