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Subject: Re: FLASH: playback of all scenes
From: Dave Hollinden
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 23:17:56 +0100

Hi John,

Thanks for the tip. Sometimes our projects are large, with 50 or more
scenes. I'm the sound designer, but I assume that the artists on our team
prefer to use scenes for good reasons that have to do with organization of
work and optimization of the finished file. So I'm curious why this is
happening at all. Is it a known bug, or am I missing something?


At 03:38 PM 8/28/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Dave,
>> Lately we've been working on multiple
>> scene projects using streaming sounds, and Flash stops playback at the end
>> of nearly every scene that has a streaming sound key frame in it (yep,
>> Control/Play All Scenes is enabled).
>It seems like you answered your own question, don't use Scenes unless
>they have no overlapping content. No streaming sound and no Movie Clips
>that need to be available for more than one scene. Use Labels instead.
>It's easy to combine Scenes into a single timeline if you make it a
>point never to refer to frames by their Scene Name but only use Labels.
>In a group project it is important to set up standard Label Naming
>conventions to prevent problems in combining work into a single final
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>John Croteau croteauaterols [dot] com (mailto:croteauaterols [dot] com)
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Dave Hollinden
Sound Designer
Jet City Studios
2019 3rd Ave., Suite 100
Seattle, WA 98121
dhollindenatjetcitystudios [dot] com (mailto:dhollindenatjetcitystudios [dot] com)

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