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Subject: Re: FLASH: Lobby level? Flash3
From: Marc Hoffman
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 23:39:06 +0100

>1: I need a "skip into" button that loads and plays the level1 movie.
>2: If the "skip intro" button is not activated, then I need the level1
>movie to start loading itself after the level0 movie has completed its
>download an
>then park itself until the animation completes its run in the level0 movie.
>Of course all this unbeknownst to the viewer who is still watching the
>in level0.

Hi David.

Frankly I'm somewhat sleep deprived and couldn't totally understand what
you are trying to do. But it sounds a lot like some stuff I've gotten to
work and I want to share some ideas about complex communication between
movie levels. So this will not be specific to your situation (at least not
until I've gotten some good sleep, which is looking far off at this point).
But maybe it will help you or others. Please accept my apologies if this is
not helpful; I know you're a seasoned Flash user.

My idea is to use a combination of main movie timelines, movie clips, and
If Frame is Loaded, to get things to happen. For example, movie clip A in
movie 1 might be repeatedly sending a tell target command to movie clip B
in movie 2, and the command is ignored until movie clip B in movie 2 has
actually loaded. But I keep the command running. Then, when the command
gets through (i.e., movie clip B is there to receive it), movie clip B gets
to advance (from a parked frame) and tell another target to do something.
So you can use looping commands as a test mechanism.

You can daisy chain a bunch of these and use all sorts of conditional
logic, especially if you have movie clips with lots of Stop frames that get
advanced one at a time by other movies or clips. A they advance, they send
other commands. Likewise, you can use the condition If Frame is Loaded to
talk to a movie clip, not just to direct motion in the main timeline. And
the targeted movie clip could be a timer of some sort.

Usually it's important to refer always to labeled frames. _But_ there are
times when Go to Next Frame is what you need, because you want the targeted
movie clip to be in one of any number of frames depending what commands it
has received from other sources. I write movie clips that I call "control
clips" because all they do is go to different frames and subroutines
depending what they've heard from a variety of sources, and depending also
on the order in which they heard from those sources. Most of the frames in
these clips have Stop actions, because I only want stuff to happen when
they're receiving commands from elsewhere.

Lingo would make this all so much simpler. But I am convinced we've only
scratched the surface of all the logical structures Flash can contain.
It's mostly a matter of figuring out how to figure it out. BTW, what
happened to that thread about paper prototypes? I would love to see folks'
ideas about keeping track of complex navigational schemes.

Marc Hoffman
<marchofatjps [dot] net (mailto:marchofatjps [dot] net)>
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