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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flash for Director (was: SWA)
From: John Dowdell
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998 00:28:17 +0100

At 6:54 PM 8/27/98, Roy Pardi wrote:
>Have you used the 'stream' command for Flash asset in MMD?

Sorry, Roy, I haven't tested through that feature set myself yet... sounds
like you're seeing that Director can pre-cache the Flash asset, but won't
explode it into memory for instant access until other assets come down the

(fwiw, the older Lingo "preload" commands were architected to draw from
hard drive into RAM, and later from CD into RAM. They were overloaded to
handle background-loading in D5: identical syntax would trickle media into
RAM during idle microseconds. The net-caching Lingo and streaming Lingo
used a different architecture, which is why we have explicit streaming
commands to pull files from around the web... couldn't risk overloading the
old terms a third way. <g> Compressed distant media has three potential
hits during display: retrieve from distant storage, retrieve from local
storage, and decompress.)

Hmm, on a re-read, the streaming commands in Director let you handle
different media in different ways... if you preloadNetThing a SWF before
display then you'd have to wait until it's done, but you can make the Flash
stream within the streaming Director too. Might this be along the lines of
what you're looking at there...?


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