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Subject: RE: FLASH: Bandwidth & Binaries
From: Rick Turoczy
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998 01:19:59 +0100


I know of http://www.flasher.net/source which is searching for a new
server. They do have a temp site, though. There is also
http://www.fortunecity.com/rivendell/krondor/531/opensource.html which
has some great examples of FSCommand and Tell Target, but it isn't
really an "upload" site, currently.

I don't know if all of the files are Mac compatible. I've never had
problems on my PC.

Hope those help,

Rick Turoczy
rickatdiversitycorp [dot] com
Diversity Corporation
1600 NW Compton Drive, Suite 202
Beaverton, Oregon 97006
(503) 690-4040 VOX
(503) 690-4041 FAX

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Subject: Re: FLASH: Bandwidth & Binaries
FYI, There is a site for posting useful examples of Flash (would someone
please post this -- I lost the URL?). It is also possible to forward the
files upon request, or to load them on your web server for download by
others. I haven't used FTP to distribute files, but that's certainly an
option, too.

So, my vote is for keeping attachments off the list.


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