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Subject: Re: FLASH: Lobby level? Flash3
From: David Gary
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998 05:34:33 +0100

Marc Hoffman wrote:

> >1: I need a "skip into" button that loads and plays the level1 movie.
> >2: If the "skip intro" button is not activated, then I need the level1
> >movie to start loading itself after the level0 movie has completed its
> >download
> Hi David.
> Frankly I'm somewhat sleep deprived and couldn't totally understand what
> you are trying to do.

> My idea is to use a combination of main movie timelines, movie clips, and
> If Frame is Loaded, to get things to happen....<awesome flash talk snipped>

Now these issues are what this list was intended for. This is some good stuff.
Spit it out boy!<g>

Most Flash3 sites Ive seen that have intros that play before the actual site
or interface movie, usually just play and then theres a keyframe at the end of
the intro's timeline that loads the interface or "main" site. This is an
way to use Flash's streaming capability an therefore "bad" design. It is usually
"easy" way out for the designer, but makes the viewer wait when they probably
shouldnt have to. This is of course when the animation is longer than it takes
the swf to load. However since we are never sure in some cases, it would
probably be
better to use this routine.

What Im trying to do, is constantly monitor when the intro movie has finished
even when the animation has not. With a MC(movie clip) and a "wait for frame"
method this is possible, but with more than one scene, it can get a little more

I also think if you have a "intro" animation to your site you should always give
the viewer an option to skip it. Because of this, since there is a MC constantly
when the intro(level0) has finished loading, then it will usually trigger the
level2 movie
to load. Now if the level0 movie is _still_ playing its animation then we need
to "park"
the level1 movie. My problem is, the only way I can do this is to put a stop
keyframe in
the begining of the level1 movie and therefore when the "skip intro" button is
activated it loads the level1 movie and then stops(unaceptable). Because I have
sounds, MCs, etc etc., and theres no way of telling when the "skip intro" button
is going to be activated, I have to tell the button to send the level0 movie to
a "parked" position.

So I can either A: Park the level1movie when level0 movie finished loading and
assign a "_level1" "goto and play" action keyframe to play the (already loading)
level1 movie


B: tell the "skip intro" button to park the level0 movie and load the level1

but I can figure out how to do both.

John C. is supposed to be making a schematic of a possible technique.
Maybe you could join in the effort. We could then post it to the Flashsource.
This template would be a great benifit to all Flash designers dealing with
"Load movie" routines.

Thanks for the input Marc and get some sleep<g>.


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