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Subject: FLASH: Flash or DHTML
From: Mark Gerber
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998 18:33:52 +0100

I'm developing a portfolio to be distributed on CD using Navigator 4.06
(the Flash plug in is included). I have seen quite a few exciting things
done with Flash and would like to incorporate some of those elements to
navigate my "site." However, I'm wondering if what I want to do can't just
as easily be done in DHTML. I wouldn't use any Javascript except what's
easliy available from within GoLive CyberStudio 3.

All the images in the portfolio are JPEGs. They've been saved in varying
sizes to allow some "zooming." As such, there are nearly 500 images
totaling 21 mb (there are 8 artists involved). Seems like that would make a
rather large Flash movie.
The navigation area is consistent from page to page; a sort of upside down
U over the image display area. It will be a graphical indication of where
you are within the presentation as well as being used to move from image to
image to artist to artist. Hopefully.
Each artist has groups of images. I've designed a series of buttons that
I'd like to not only indicate where you are, but where you've been (for
instance, the red dot is where you are, the gray ones are where you've
been, and the black ones are where you can go). Can a Flash button be
configured to remain in a certain

I haven't quite grasped Flash yet, so I was wondering under what sort of
circumstances it might be better to use Flash over DHTML? It seems that
most of what I'd want to do could be done in floating layers and rollover
images. Not getting terribly sophisticated here.
Are there speed/loading issues?
Since all the images are bitmapped, the advantage of vector based art for
zooming is lost. Would this be the only advantage Flash might have in this
sort of application?

Apologies if the answer to these questions is "Hey, bud! Read the manual!"
I've done that and I think I've read most of the stuff at MacroMedia's
Flash Developer site.
Maybe this could all be distilled down to "When should I choose to use Flash?"
Thanks for any advice on the subject.

Mark Gerber
GERBER STUDIO/Tradigital Illustration

Mark Gerber
GERBER STUDIO/Tradigital Illustration

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