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Subject: Re: FLASH: for Flash's sake!
From: Marc Hoffman
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 16:20:22 +0100

At 11:40 PM 8/30/98 -0800, you wrote:
>... I am particularly interested
>to know how it loads/performs on slower connections and machines (actually
>I'm afraid to know). There should be a clearly detectable difference in
>speed for each loop....

Hi, Kirsten.

Lurk no longer -- your stuff is GREAT. I viewed it at 33.6kbps, NN 4.05,
Win95, 166MMX, 128megs RAM. Mouseclicking as often as I could, there was
only a single wait of about ten seconds (to get the dancing going), which
is way better than the norm. The animation is really cute. Wish I had
your animation skills; it seems you've optimized the smoothness vs.
complexity factor, as it runs quite smoothly but is more than a couple of
gears turning in a void. The speed changes are quite dramatic enough. The
interaction, simple as it is, is very user-rewarding. The email segment is
a fitting encore; was that your idea? Okay, I will be ruthless here:
there's a lot of white noise in your sound sample. Try a less drastic
compression rate if you can (e.g. 4 bit ADPCM if you're exporting it at a
higher compression rate) and if that doesn't help I would look at bit rate
(e.g. if it's 8-bit try 16 instead) or sample rate (try 11kHz if it's
currently lower than that). Changing all of these will result in a sound
file that's too large, but any single change might clean up the quality a
lot. Just check the file size result. Or, just leave it and chalk it up to
a funky R&R sound (I'm _very_ picky about sound). MIDI is also an option;
it will sound more mechanical but would be clean, loads nearly instantly,
and can play as fast as you like.

Like John C., I noticed the absence of an HTML title when I bookmarked your
page. Between <head> and </head> you need the code

Marc Hoffman
<marchofatjps [dot] net (mailto:marchofatjps [dot] net)>
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  FLASH: for Flash's sake!, kirsten

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