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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flash or DHTML
From: John Dowdell
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 22:58:51 +0100

If the goal is "What are good ways to present 500 JPEGs at various zoomed
sizes in a browser?" then yes, DHTML will do it too... Flash wouldn't have
an intrinsic advantage there.

(You'll get best payoff in Flash with vectors, although it can work with
sounds and pixels and interactivity too.)

If you're considering use of Flash as a navigational tool, then one way is
to have a viewing frame and a navbar frame in the HTML page. While Flash
doesn't have the concept of global variables and conditional branching, I
believe many designs can be made that represent visited areas as a separate
movie level which was once loaded in by a button.

If your navigation actually requires more than visited/unvisited, then you
can use the cookies and calculation of JavaScript to either drive
corresponding changes to normal HTML graphics, or to send messages to a
Flash movie about which frames to display.

Most big-image portfolios have been done with Director, particularly when
high production values are desired, although you can certainly show
portfolios in browsers these days in various ways too.

Summary: Could be a couple of ways to go, but I guess you knew that
already.... ;)


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