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Subject: RE: FLASH: 3D
From: James Mansfield
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 23:48:30 +0100

Title: RE: FLASH: 3D

Have you guys heard of Illustrate for 3D max?
You can export a whole 3D animation as a shockwave flash. You can then import the swf file into a flash file as a series of frames to make a movie clip animation with. You can then also edit each frame to achieve the look you want.

Illustrate is however a plug in for 3D MAx so u will need this prog as well.

More info at http://www.davidgould.com/

James Mansfield

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on 8/30/99 12:41 PM Shahid Quadri wrote:

>Can anyone tell me if they have any solutions to producing 3D images in
>flash. Specifically, which, if any, 3d programs allow you to export
>rendered images as .eps (retaining the vectors) and the lighting and fills.

Though I haven't tried it in combination with Flash, Adobe Dimensions is
a 3D illustration program which renders in postscript and can export .eps


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