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Subject: Re: FLASH: field of perpetually duplicating MC's
From: Randy Kato
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 21:08:15 +0100


Your original MC should just be a static image, then you can do all your
scaling and positioning with AS.

Dup it and set its position (X and Y) randomly with the Random function.
Then scale it and move it with a looping controller MC (same MC can be used
for all of them). The scaling will be the same for all, but the positioning
will depend upon where on the stage the MC has been duped. So you'll use If
statements to check if it's above/below and left/right of your perspective
point -- this point can move too to simulate changes of direction through
the field. Then you'll increase X & Y if it's above and to the right of the
point, increase X and decrease Y if it's below and to the right, and so on
via the loop.

Then once your dupes are off screen, make sure to Remove them or pretty soon
the movie will start to crawl as the processor bogs down under all those
MCs. Name the dupes dynamically like "mc" & mcnum where mcnum is a variable
that gets incremented each time through the loop -- you'll probably use
another looping MC to control the duplications. Then you can figure out how
long it takes the dupes to get off stage and then Remove them -- you can do
this in the same loop as you create them.

An easier way would be to have the original MC as a tween that scales up and
then only deal with the positioning, but AS would be more efficient if used
for everything.


Matt Spiegler wrote:

> here's the effect I'm trying to create: I've got a single MC in the
> middle of my movie, which scales up and moves to the right, to create
> the effect that you're flying towards and to the left of it. What I want
> to do is continuously duplicate the MC, set it's _x to a random
> position, and then either randomly have it slide off screen left or
> offscreen right, so that you'd be flying through a field of MC's. Any
> suggestions? I know this is alot to ask (well, maybe not for you guys!).
> BTW I'm still in Flash 4 (still need to convince my boss why upgrading
> to 5 RIGHT NOW is life or death matter :~)

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  FLASH: field of perpetually duplicating , Matt Spiegler

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