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Subject: Re: FLASH: Yugo - Twirling Man FF2K?
From: Randy Kato
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 21:46:18 +0100


It shouldn't be too difficult. Slice up the images and then make MCs out of
them and name them in a series like mca1, mca2, etc., mcb1, mcb2, etc. This way
you can manipulate them with a loop more easily, i.e. Tell Target "mca" &
mcnum, and then set mcnum = mcnum + 1. The code's much more efficient if you're
in F5.

Then if you look at Yugo's twisted sculpture you'll notice that it's really
only changing the x-scales of the adjacent MCs in unison, and adjusting the
brightness to simulate lighting. It's a VERY well-done illusion that makes it
look 3D, but there is no complex 3D math or Z-axis simulation going on.

So to 'rotate' a new image in, have your non-timeline-based loop (to easily
control all the MCs of an image) within a timeline-based loop that controls,
gradually, the simulated rotation. Add the same amount of x-scale to the new
image MCs (that start out at 0) as you subtract from the image MCs that are
rotating out. Play with the brightnesses...season to taste.


Jefferis Peterson wrote:

> In the FF2k folder there was a demo of a dancing man in 3 different
> still shots on a triangular column that spun in segments as you moved the
> mouse. Very impressive. I don't want anything quite that dynamic and user
> controlled, but I realized that the 3 images in segments was an effect I
> wanted to do for a site: like those moving billboards that rotate in
> segments and have 2 or 3 messages on each board.
> Anyone have a CLUE as to how I might be able to accomplish such and effect?

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