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Subject: Re: FLASH: Yugo - Twirling Man FF2K?
From: Gregg Caines
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 21:59:54 +0100

I think the roatation is just an illusion performed by scaling the
images that are supposed to be 'rotating'. When one image rotates
on, it is actually just scaling bigger horizontally, as the former image
scales scales smaller horizontally until it is no longer visible.

If you can somehow grey-out the image as it scales smaller, it will
probably look even more realistic.

Gregg Caines
n e o m e t r i x systems inc.
gcainesatneometrixsystems [dot] com

> In the FF2k folder there was a demo of a dancing man in 3 different
> still shots on a triangular column that spun in segments as you moved the
> mouse. Very impressive. I don't want anything quite that dynamic and user
> controlled, but I realized that the 3 images in segments was an effect I
> wanted to do for a site: like those moving billboards that rotate in
> segments and have 2 or 3 messages on each board.
> Anyone have a CLUE as to how I might be able to accomplish such and
> Jeff
> --
> Jefferis Kent Peterson
> www.PetersonSales.net
> Flash, Web Design and Marketing
> jefferisatpetersonsales [dot] net

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