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Subject: FLASH: Printing and script conversion problem
From: Víctor Villén
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 03:16:08 +0100


I've been trying to print with Flash5 actions and found 1 problem and a
"strange" thing:

- The problem: I define a bounding box to delimit the area I want to print,
and label that frame #b (It has only that bounding box, nothing else). Then,
when I execute the print action It prints ALL the Stage, no matter what
parameters I use (It's supossed to work with "bmovie", but It doesn't). It
always print the whole stage...

- The "strange" thing: When using void parameter functions (i.e:
getVersion(), etc.), when changing from "Expert Mode" to "Normal Mode" It
removes the parenthesis, so, when the function is executed It doesn't work
because It has no parenthesis.... A bug?

Any idea, commentary? :)


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