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Subject: Re: FLASH: problems with flash 4.0a on mac reading pc .fla files and other mac flash woes...
From: moo
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 22:30:26 +0100

>> not sure i want the upgrade (flash 5)......the 4.0a on the MACs wont read
> my
>> PC
>> generated files, wont spin objects and is generally buggy. Help!!! Would
>> you please reinstall the 4.0 before my class loses their minds?

i don't quite understand what the problem is specifically- pc files on a
mac for the most part can't be opened by double-clicking. in some cases, you
can open them by doing file>open

there is an app out there called flash FLA typer and flash SWF typer that
attached flash files to flash instead of whatever- quicktime in my case. i
don't remember which of the many resource website i d/l from but if you
email offlist i'll zip it to you.

don't get me started on a rant ---> new media dept head. i got a out of
university a year ago- the dept head wouldn't buy flash because he said they
already had director6 and flash was redundant. (oh, and they wouldn't
upgrade to dir6.5- and Qt 3 was out -but that's another story...)
i ended up buying it myself and within 2 months half the multimedia class
was using and buying flash3. to not buy flash 5 just because he/she can't
open a file is downright stoopid. he must be tenured.

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  RE: FLASH: problems with flash 4.0a on m, Jason Bouwmeester

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