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Subject: Re: FLASH: unavailable font
From: Erik [gearik] Mattheis
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 19:58:59 GMT

>I wasn't aware that Flash identified fonts by position in the font list,
>but this could be the case. It would appear that, with your installation of
>IE4 and some its bundled fonts, that the number of installed fonts has
>changed, and thereby, the numeric position in the list of certain fonts,
>possibly ones you are using in your Flash movie.

I'm on a Mac, fonts on a MAC are given ID's, I imagine that's the
equivilant of "position in the font list?" - but I have no conflicting IDs.
I've deactivated every font, then activated all of them ... even put the
fonts the movie uses in the system folder. Using ATM Deluxe 4.

Still get the error.

All three fonts in the movie are postscript.

I guess since the movie seems ok (it does, right? -
<http://www.autotonic.com/new/flash/help.html>, I won't worry about it,
blame it on IE and mark it up as reason #102 why IE for Mac sucks. Ironic
that the movie in question says just that.
Erik [gearik] Mattheis

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