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Subject: FLASH: BMP or JPG
From: Patrick Levy
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 16:40:37 GMT

A question for experienced flashers: I'm creating what will be, no doubt, a
fairly large .swf file that will incorporate a fair number of bmp/jpg images
with alpha channel fades (for a good example of what I'm doing, see
http://www.bodyofwork.com). My question is this: What's the most efficient
way to bring in these images? Obviously, bmp's will be larger, but not
involve any decompression processing, while compressed jpg's will result in
smaller file size, but involve more processing on the user's end (at least I
think that's obvious, maybe their are different considerations in the flash
environment). What works best, in your experience, from the standpoint of
delivering a smooth animation?

Patrick Levy
plevyatphdi [dot] com

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