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Subject: Re: FLASH: BMP or JPG
From: Byron Canfield
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 17:08:49 GMT

The only thing impacted through the import of original images with no
compression (BMPs, GIFs, or PNGs) is the size of the FLA file. If you
export using JPG compression, you can actually achieve better compression
than if the original imports are JPG files, as you eliminate the "double
compression" problem, where already compressed files no longer exhibit
large compressible ranges of color.

With the use of a significant number of bitmapped files, however, it is
generally recommended that you stick with a fixed movie size when deploying
your SWF in an HTML file (specific Width and Height settings), rather that
sizing to fit the browser window, as that resizing will generally impart
defects to the images.

Also, in general, the smaller you can compress the images (smaller numbers
for JPG compression quality), the smoother they will animate.

One trick you can use, though it increases the size of the exported SWF, is
to use an extremely compressed version of each image for any animation,
since image quality is less noticable in an image in motion, and then, when
the image "lands" in a position where its detail may come under scrutiny,
substitute a higher quality image, with compression (or none) manually

At 10:34 AM 12/29/98 -0600, you wrote:
>A question for experienced flashers: I'm creating what will be, no doubt, a
>fairly large .swf file that will incorporate a fair number of bmp/jpg images
>with alpha channel fades (for a good example of what I'm doing, see
>http://www.bodyofwork.com). My question is this: What's the most efficient
>way to bring in these images? Obviously, bmp's will be larger, but not
>involve any decompression processing, while compressed jpg's will result in
>smaller file size, but involve more processing on the user's end (at least I
>think that's obvious, maybe their are different considerations in the flash
>environment). What works best, in your experience, from the standpoint of
>delivering a smooth animation?

Byron Canfield, Canfield Studios (http://www.byronc.com)
President, Seattle Coreldraw Artists Network (http://www.corelsea.org)

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  FLASH: BMP or JPG, Patrick Levy

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